PARI Working Papers


The New US Debate over Nuclear Weapons

Pari WP 18 No. 28
PDF (718KB)
Seyom Brown, Professor at Brandeis University

Carl Schmitt and International Political Theory: Revisiting a Complex Encounter

Pari WP 17 No. 26
Abstract PDF (0.7MB)
Roberto Orsi

Public attitudes to climate engineering research and field experiments: Preliminary results of a web survey on students' perception in six Asia-Pacific countries

Pari WP 16 No. 24
Abstract PDF (2.1MB)
Masahiro Sugiyama / Takanobu Kosugi / Atsushi Ishii / Shinichiro Asayama

Public perception of climate engineering in Japan: Results from online and classroom surveys

Pari WP 16 No. 23
Abstract PDF (0.9MB)
Masahiro Sugiyama / Masatomo Fujiwara

Physically Proximate or Culturally Cohesive? Geography, Ethnic Ties, and Innovation in China

Pari WP 15 No. 22
PDF (0.58MB)
Haiyu Mao / Jianwei Dang / Kazuyuki Motohashi

Industrial Designers as a Driver of Technology Innovation: Evidence from a Japanese electronics industry

Pari WP 14 No. 15
Abstract PDF (623KB)
Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi / Toshiya Watanabe

Effect of Non-Practicing Entities on Innovation Society and Policy: An agent based model and simulation

Pari WP 14 No. 14
Abstract PDF (1.08MB)
Seokbeom Kwon / Kazuyuki Motohashi

The effect of researcher mobility on organizational R&D performance: researcher mobility and innovation.

Pari WP 14 No. 13
PDF (402KB)
Ayano Fujiwara / Toshiya Watanabe