Policy Alternatives Research Institute (PARI) / Policy Thinknet Symposium
GSDM 66th Platform Seminar

New Approach for Medical R&D


photo taken at a past event by Akio Kon

[Date] Tuesday, August 18, 13:30-18:20 (Open 13:00)
[Venue] Tetsumon Memorial hall, the University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo
[Language] English/Japanese simultaneous translation
[Hosted by] Policy Alternatives Research Institute (PARI) / Policy Thinknet
[Co-Hosted by] Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management (GSDM), the University of Tokyo / Meiji Institute for Global Affairs (MIGA)


Medical Technology Innovations are broadening its areas of influence and causing changes even in the R&D activities themselves. Advances in Medical Science and Technology have realized therapies for patients suffering from diseases lacking effective treatments, and also have been helping to significantly reduce the burdensomeness for the patients and care givers, and the expectations for the further advancements are increasing. Also, in consideration of achieving prevention and preemptive treatment of diseases, various ideas, tools, and technologies for conducting health-checks, diagnostics, and other means to facilitate behavioral changes are proposed and developed with high expectations for wide usages.

In the R&D activities, handling of so-called big data (large size databases of genetic data, health-check records and medical records, and daily health data etc.) has been gathering attentions in light of the personalized medicine and the precision medicine context. And, "clinical researches and trials", which are critical importance for the medical R&D, are being reviewed for its reformations from the aspects of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations and administrations. In the U.S. and EU, the discussion has already been started for achieving both adequate protection of research subjects by more transparency and more effective and efficient clinical trials. In Japan, the Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) was established on April 1, 2015. AMED was created through long and thoughtful discussions as originally referring to the concept of designing Japanese version of the U.S. NIH. It must be a step which would change the future directions for the Medical R&D activities in Japan. Open innovations and industry-university collaboration are getting widely used as keywords signifying the new trend of R&D activities among industry, academia and research agencies in the global market place.

Under such times and environments of transformations, the Policy Alternatives Research Institute at the University of Tokyo organizes the symposium aiming to explore the possibilities of the Medical R&D, and clinical research activities for realizing better medicine and healthcare based upon their societal values. Inviting leading figures on this topic from the US, Japan and European industries, academic institutions, and government agencies, we will discuss, with global perspectives, the topics including the public-private collaboration, assurance of research integrity, and speedier pathway from basic science through new products or therapies launches.


*Names/titles of speakers may subject to change. Titles of speeches and sessions are tentative

13:00 Open
13:30-13:35 Opening remarks
Professor Hideaki Shiroyama, Dean, Graduate School of Public Policy (GrasPP), University of Tokyo
Session 1
13:35-13:50 Keynote Speech 1: "AMED: Mission and perspectives"
Dr. Makoto Suematsu, President, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)
13:50-14:05 Keynote Speech 2: "Translation from Basic Science to Clinical Research"
Dr. Yoichiro Matsumoto, Executive Director, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
14:05-14:20 Keynote Speech 3: "Medical R&Ds in University Hospital"
Dr. Ryozo Nagai, President, Jichi Medical University, Advisor for Policy Alternatives Research Institute (PARI), the University Tokyo
14:20-14:35 Keynote Speech 4: "The Challenge about the Research and Development for Medical Innovation"
Mr. Kazuhiko Mori, Director, Evaluation and Licensing Division, Pharmaceutical and Food safety Bureau, Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare (MHLW)
14:35-15:20 Panel Discussion 1: "Japan's new initiatives"
Moderator: Professor Kan Suzuki, Graduate School of Public Policy (GrasPP), University of Tokyo
Dr. Makoto Suematsu
Dr. Yoichiro Matsumoto
Mr. Kazuhiko Mori
Mr. Yoshihide Esaki, Director, Healthcare Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Dr. Yuzuru Matsuda, Visionary Leader, Health and Medicine for Center of Innovation Stream Program, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Director of Kato Memorial Bioscience Foundation
15:20-15:30 Break
Session 2
15:30-15:45 Keynote Speech 1: "Innovation and the Changing Practice of Medicine"
Dr. David Epstein, Pharmaceuticals Division Head, Novartis AG
15:45-16:00 Keynote Speech 2: "Toward Acceleration of Open Innovation"
Mr. Masafumi Nogimori, Representative Director, Chairman of the Board, Astellas Pharma, Inc.
16:00-16:15 Keynote Speech 3: "The Frontier of R&Ds in Medical Devices"
Mr. Koji Nakao, Chairman, Terumo Corporation, Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations (JFMDA)
16:15-17:00 Panel Discussion 2: "Global Trend regarding Clinical Research Activities"
Moderator: Mr. Mitsuru Miyata, Editor, Nikkei BP
Mr. Masafumi Nogimori
Dr. David Epstein
Mr. Bruce Goodwin, President, Janssen Pharmaceutical KK, Vice Chair, PhRMA
Mr. Koji Nakao
17:00-17:10 Break
Session 3
17:10-17:25 Keynote Speech: "For the Future of Medical Innovation"
Mr. Toshihiko Takeda, Councilor in charge of Health Insurance, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW)
17:25-18:15 Panel Discussion 3: "Conclusion and Visions"
Co-Moderators: Project Professor Akio Onishi, Graduate School of Public Policy (GrasPP), the University of Tokyo
Co-Moderators: Adjunct Professor Ryozo Hayashi, Director, Meiji Institute of Global Affairs (MIGA)
Mr. Toshihiko Takeda
Mr. Yoshihide Esaki
Mr. Kan Suzuki
Mr. Bruce Goodwin, President, Janssen Pharmaceutical KK, Vice Chair, PhRMA
Dr. David Epstein
Dr. Yoichiro Matsumoto
18:15-18:20 Closing Remarks
Ryozo Hayashi, Director, Meiji Institute of Global Affairs (MIGA)

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