Overview of the institute

PARI Brochure 2017


The Policy Alternatives Research Institute is an organization with a think tank function as detailed below, which works as a communicator.

Communicating policy alternatives utilizing research results at UTokyo

We both present policy proposals ourselves and draw ideas from various research results arising in different departments of the university in order to disseminate them to society as policy alternatives.

Detecting problems by constructing networks covering a wide range of fields

Taking advantage of being a part of a university which has diverse research interests, we try to detect problems and to look for comprehensive solutions which could not be found by research done in any single discipline, by constructing networks covering a wide range of fields.

Activating policy research by interacting with internal and external organizations

In order to facilitate multidisciplinary and multilateral research, we form networks with the government, companies, mass media, NPOs, and other organizations, as well as with departments inside the university, and try to activate mutual exchanges and policy research initiatives.