Policy Research Units


  • We call a unit which conducts policy research a “policy research unit” and a unit which conducts concrete social demonstration research a “research demonstration project”. Policy recommendations based on research results are published under the name of the policy research unit or the research demonstration project.
  • Researches at the Policy Alternatives Research Institute are organized by projects ongoing here, such as existing funded research or corporate sponsored research programs in our various departments. In addition to these, independent policy research units or research demonstration projects may be launched by the institute on important issues which, from the researcher's viewpoint, could potentially arise in the future, even if such issues are not presently socially recognized.
  • As a general rule, research undertaken by each policy research unit and policy recommendations based on the results of that research are conducted under the name of the unit or its director.
  • When we propose policy recommendations, we make it a principle to indicate multiple possibilities and provide information which would aid actual policy making, showing clearly both advantages and disadvantages based on objective data.

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